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Metal Buildings Abilene TX

Metal Buildings Abilene TX loves to welcome any new or returning customer. We love to build an extra building for our returning customers who love our work.

We have carports, garages, and barns we can build for you. We also offer shops and shop type buildings that have living quarters attached. We have many options with one that is sure to fit your needs.

About Metal Buildings Abilene TX

You can rest at ease knowing you no longer need to search for “shop builders near me” or “pole buildings near me”. We offer hope beyond your wildest dreams. We also fulfill this hope and fulfill your dreams.

We are the best at listening to the needs of our customers. We do not build to strictly make money. We build to make friendships and all while making your dreams come true.

We care a lot about our customers and building a reputation that is commendable. We know that our customers admire the work that we do and the customer service that we provide.

We are responsible for getting materials in the time that we need. We are responsible for keeping the work area safe and building to code. We are responsible for making sure our customers are aware of the ways we must build.

We love to arrange to get our customers kits at a good price. We value your money and your time. We do things fast so that you are not waiting around and wasting time.

We work hard to be a company that offers you all your materials for your building needs. No matter how big or how small your project is, we take them all very seriously.

Why Choose Us For Your Abilene Pole Barns?

We have seen customers refer us to friends and family for so many years. Our customers value our company and our business.

What makes our company Metal Buildings Abilene TX so special?

  • Our company is known for the excellent workmanship we offer
  • We have the license and insurance to build
  • We have worked for many years on learning the best and most practical ways to build
  • We have a team that works together in unity leaving out all drama

We have mastered the techniques for building different types of buildings. We know that the most common way is not always the best way. We build in a way that your building will last for many years and will also look beautiful.

We know that curb appeal is important especially when building a residential metal building. We listen to what is important to you and we make that happen.

We are happy to come by and take a look at your property. We offer free consultations where we can see what it is you want to build and take measurements for what can legally fit in your space.

We look forward to meeting you and meeting your needs. Call our number today and get in touch with our builders.

Worry And Stress-Free Zone

Are you ready to get the details about the pole buildings Abilene prices? Do not let it stress you out any longer. There can be a large range in pole building prices depending on what type and size of building you want.

The features you want for the interior also make a large difference in the total pole barn cost. If you want to build your home with a good amount of savings let us know. We will help you to choose interior and exterior decor and features that look amazing but fit within your budget.

abilene pole buildings & metal buildings

Many people ask us if there are there any hidden costs when building with pole building contractors near me? The answer to this is no. When we give you your pole building cost through your estimate that is the final number.

That number does not change. You do not have to worry about getting surprise charges added to your final bill. The only reason that we would change the pricing is if you decide to add something.

In the case that you want to add something, we will always make sure you are okay with the cost first. Once we get your approval on the cost of the new feature you want to add, we will go ahead and add it.

Our Services

Are you looking for not a full garage, but a carport instead? Good news for you, we offer both of these for you! We also have many different options for living quarters within a barn or shop. If you are looking into building a type of pole building on your own, then we have many pole barn kits Abilene.

abilene residential pole barn

Residential Pole Buildings

Residential buildings offer you the chance to build a home with thousands of dollars worth of savings. You can choose how many rooms you would like your home to consist of. You also get to choose the layout as well as the added bonus features you get to choose to add when building your own home.

abilene metal buildings

Commercial Pole Buildings

Commercial pole barns Abilene TX are one of the best ways to provide your company with storage. They are able to accommodate many more features. Many businesses need special features to run a successful business. The flexibility in the way we can design your company building is unlimited.

abilene shop builders

Garages, Shops, And Barns

A garage and shop both give you the ability to build an area to store your vehicles, fun toys, and tools. Our Abilene shop builders can add shelving or cabinets to your building. This will help with storing tools and having the counter space to work on. We have barns that we can add many features that will help in caring for your animals.

abilene metal carports

Metal Carports

These can also be called “metal garages”. The carports that the “pole barn builders near me” that you found through us can build carports. They can build ones that are triple-wide, vertical roof carports, and many more. They come in a great variety of colors for both steel buildings and metal buildings.

abilene shop with living quarters

Shop With Living Quarters

The best quality of a shop with living quarters is that we can give it any feel of the atmosphere you love. If you love the outdoors we can add more wood interior finishes or fireplaces. We can also give your shop a darling farmhouse look with some shiplap finishes and many more. Whatever your style and love are we can bring that right into your home.

abilene pole barn homes

Pole Barn Homes

How does it sound to build a home much faster and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home? That is what a pole barn home will do for you. You can decide how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and more you have in it. If you are a handyman, you can even save money on hiring out a contractor and do much of the interior work yourself.

abilene barndominium

Barndominiums/ Shomes

Shomes are the perfect balance of a pole barn with living quarters. They have great space for your shop and storage for anything else you need to store. If you are like most people that own a shop, they are or will be your life. They give you space and the necessities you need for your work and/or hobbies.

abilene pole building kits and pole barn kits

DIY Pole Building Kits

Pole barn kits can be done on your own without the help of shop builders. If you do not have a long or extensive background in construction that is okay. It is not a necessity to have the ability to do your kitchen. We have many kits that come in many different types and sizes. You let us know what you need and we will find it for you.

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About Abilene Texas

There is an air force base here in Abilene. People refer to our city as "the friendly frontier".

Our city is divided into two sections with the railroad running between the middle. We have north and south Abilene with a total population of about 123,400.

The economy has changed over time. It went from strongly agricultural to now education, health, and manufacturing. You can get grants for starting new businesses to bring new businesses to the area.

We have a great park system and a zoo where you can see many incredible animals. The cities closest to us here in Abilene are:

  • Merkel, TX
  • Dyess Air Force Base, TX
  • Tye, TX
  • Tuscola, TX
  • Ovalo, TX
  • Buffalo Gap, TX
  • Trent, TX
  • Lawn, TX
  • Sweetwater, TX
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your estimates good for your Abilene pole buildings?

Once we give you an estimate you will want to act within 30 days. The estimates we make for you are made custom to the prices of steel and lumber at the time. These materials can fluctuate in their pricing which can affect your estimate later on if you wait to get it done. Once you get your estimate it is time to make a decision and let us know in order for you to get the best deal you can.

What kind of posts are used with horse barns?

On Abilene metal buildings that are smaller than 12,000 cubic feet, the standard for posts is size 4x6. Of course, if you choose to work with pole barn builders Abilene they will know the best posts to use to have the best foundation for your barn. If you choose to use met building kits Abilene TX it will come equipped with what is best for the size of building you choose.

Are there different options for siding and roofing on steel shops?

When doing steel buildings Abilene TX you can pair it with wood or stone on the siding to give your building texture and dimension. You can also get any color you want to make the building have the style you want it to have.

Do all pole barn builders build them the same?

There is a certain way that you must build your building in a general aspect. We must lay the foundation before anything else. We then must set the poles as part of the foundation for the Abilene metal buildings. After putting up the siding and installation, some shop builders Abilene may do things in a different order. Everything is sure to get done.

Customer Testimonials

We were shocked at the price we could build a new home for! We got everything we wanted at a great quality and price by building our pole building homes.

Joseph M

We were torn between whether to do one of the pole barn kits ourselves or to have a contractor build for us. They gave us great information and a lot of details that really helped us in our decision.

Heather S

The service we got from these pole building contractors was beyond anything we have received before. They were very professional and great at getting things done.

Clark B

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How many of you have wondered what it is like to build some type of pole barn with loft? We have every type of barn pole house you could imagine. We have kits that you can choose between to build your own to save on thousands of construction costs.

We also have ways that you can work with our metal barn builders. We can build you any type of custom shop with living quarters. Barns, garages, many types of shops, and carports are also all included in what we offer our customers.

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